What it Takes to Deliver High-Quality Virtual Works of Art

By: Savannah Mellow, Focus 360

August 31, 2022

Focus 360 prides itself on compiling a highly driven team that efficiently collaborates, creatively solves problems, and guarantees your projects are brought to life in the highest quality manner. A large part of this process includes the hard work and efforts of our Production Team which includes several extremely talented artists. Leading this team of brilliant artists is Focus 360’s Art Director, Dave Boarini. Today, Dave takes time to tell us a little bit more about the entire process of a project from the initial client meeting to the final deliverable.

So, what exactly does a typical project look like from start to finish you might ask? Well, Dave has the answer. He says every project starts with a client meeting.  Dave focuses on listening to exactly what clients are saying and takes note of key terms and phrases they are emphasizing. Dave says asking the right questions is important because he’s mining for details that make the client’s vision truly come to life. After these initial client meetings, collaboration meetings are activated with everyone on the team. The team gets amped up collaborating on new ideas and it’s this synergy from the team that Dave says makes him excited to come to work every day to create the “next award-winning experience”.

Focus 360 team work
Focus 360 team work

Throughout the rest of production, the team is focused on the customer. Each project has its own unique mood and visual language, and open client dialogue is essential to help pinpoint exactly what’s important to each client. A list of location perks and advantages is useful for the technical aspect of any given project, and the “character and voice” of every project is determined by client interactions. Every project Focus 360 started has the same end goal: to create a cohesive, cinematic work of art that evokes the interest and emotion of the viewer. This customer-centric approach, when paired with the collaboration of the Focus 360 team, is what makes finding the hidden nuggets of gold in each client’s vision possible. Dave says it’s the tiny, minute details that ultimately make our final projects works of art. For example, Dave recalls a client that was in love with the topography and landscaping of their project which had an abundance of trees and hills. So, Dave and the rest of the team made sure to work this into the interior by reflecting the surrounding nature into the artwork on the walls, choosing furniture that was made of natural woods, and matching the fabrics to the hues of the terrain. While a viewer won’t notice these fine touches immediately, they are ultimately what places the cherry on top of Focus deliverables. Details such as these are often found in the client’s reasonings for why they personally love the project, whether that be the atmosphere the client is striving for or the type of people that the project is geared to.

But how does this process translate to the day-to-day here in Focus 360’s office? A typical day in the life of an Art Director and the production team runs in a similar structure as most roles with a few essential daily activities and running priorities. Such as, when Dave first gets to the office, he has a two-part check-in process to briefly touch base with the multiple different projects Focus 360 is presently working on and checks in with his vast team of artists. Then, Dave makes sure to check in with his Project Leads to ensure all projects are on track with their deadlines and are in line with Focus’ expected quality level of excellence. Quality checking each project at its various stages is also essential to ensuring Focus 360’s top-quality work is consistently delivered.  To make this possible, Dave takes it upon himself to review collective work and inspect it from the standpoint of artistic quality and accuracy. These quality checks allow fresh eyes to continuously review projects for any tiny errors that could have been otherwise overlooked. In addition, Dave works with the Sales Department very closely throughout the various stages of production to collaborate on finding the best way to share every client’s unique story.

Focus 360 team work
Focus 360 team work

Then comes a daily activity that Dave says is an essential part of our Production team’s day called “Dailies.” These sessions are a period of time worked into the entire team’s daily schedule to allow the team time to peer review each other’s work and bounce ideas off of each other. This collaborative period encourages mutual respect and creativity. Not only does this allow for the result of any given product to be the highest quality possible, but it also allows everyone to continue to better themselves and sharpen their skill set to constantly improve. Additionally, the second part of the Dailies session is what Dave calls “play time.” During this time, all the artists can bounce any and every idea off one another. No idea is too outlandish, and Dave says most sentences tend to start with “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” or “What if we made this…” Everyone is given the creative liberty to dream up any possibility and everything is taken into consideration as to how to create the best possible outcomes.

With the many projects that Dave has helped complete in recent years, you might be wondering what his favorite project was to work on. Dave says that LandSea Homes’ High Performance Home has been his most recent favorite animation. You can see it published here. Through much collaboration and playful creativity, Dave and his team were able to take the technical information provided by the client and pair it with a few abstract concepts to showcase a highly-technologically advanced home. “When you choose to explore one of the aspects of the home, the house opens and comes to life in a unique way every time. Click one area, and you’ll want to watch more!” Dave says.

Focus 360 team work

So, there we have it! A day in the life of Focus 360’s very own Art Director Dave Boarini. Special thanks to Dave for taking the time to share with us a closer insight into the inner workings of his job and what it is exactly that makes Focus 360’s renderings, animations, virtual tours, and other custom tools the works of art that they are.

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