December 23, 2022

At Focus 360, giving back is extremely important to us and we are so fortunate to have been able to donate both locally and worldwide throughout 2022. In year’s past, we’ve asked our team members to share causes close to their hearts and then we’ve come together as a team to vote for the top causes we feel our contributions can make the most impact. This year was no exception.

In response to several world events, the Focus 360 family donated to four charities in 2022. The first of these charities was Doctors Without Borders whose mission includes providing safe drinking water, and food to those experiencing humanitarian emergencies. They also fund the best doctors and nurses to meet emergency medical needs and offer the highest quality medical care throughout the duration of these crises in underserved areas of the world. This year, Doctors Without Borders has shifted much of their attention to providing aid and medications to Ukrainian refugees in response to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. If you are interested in supporting Ukrainian refugees and the Doctors Without Borders’ mission, you can click here to learn more and donate!

Focus 360 also supported South County Outreach whose goal is to ensure everyone in South Orange County, California has a place to call home and food to eat. Throughout the year, SCO works to help provide affordable living and rapid re-housing services to decrease homelessness, as well as education programs to help people learn financial literacy and professional skills to increase job opportunities. Primarily, SCO works to distribute non-perishable goods to over 6,000 residents and this past summer South County Outreach hosted a summer food drive. Focus 360 is proud to have partnered alongside SCO and collected food for our neighbors in need. Curious about how you can help? Click here to learn more and join us in supporting the South County community.

We are also proud to have participated in our builder partner, Van Metre Homes’ 30th annual 5k run to support Children’s National Hospital. Every year Van Metre Homes hosts this event to raise awareness of childhood illness and the fine work established by Children’s National Hospital. Children’s National is dedicated to serving babies and children with congenital heart disease and all proceeds from the 5k run go to supporting these children directly, as well as to funding new standards of care to improve neurological outcomes for patients with CHD. If you are interested in participating in the 31st Annual 5k run, you can register here. We hope to see you on April 29, 2023.

In July of this year, Knott County in the state of Kentucky suffered from massive flooding that resulted in a state-wide crisis. A recent drought had left the soil of Kentucky unable to soak up water at a rapid enough rate and heavy rains in July lead to extreme flash flooding. Thousands of people were forced to abandon their homes and businesses, over a hundred bridges were destroyed, and many areas remained impassable even weeks after the initial flooding. In response to this crisis, the Knott County Tourism Committee hosted a Fall Trail Ride in October and raised over $48,000 to support those affected by the flooding, and our team contributed financially to their success. Interested in supporting the continued recovery of Knott County? Click here to learn about how you can help today.

Focus 360 is forever grateful and blessed that we were able to assist those in need during such difficult times this year. As we enter 2023, we wish for peace, joy, good health, and prosperity for all. Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year!

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