Focus 360 Named Best Places to Work in Orange County

July 14, 2022

Focus 360 was recently named as one of the 2022 Best Places to Work in Orange County for the fourth year in a row! The awards program is a project of the Orange County Business Journal and is designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best places of employment in Orange County, California that benefit the county’s economy, its workforce, and businesses.

We are pleased and honored to have our team not only show up every day and create amazing works of art for the homebuilding and real estate industries at large, but to thoughtfully contribute to the survey questions which truly highlight our culture and team member success!

What makes Focus 360 unique? Our core values define everything we do at Focus 360 and continue to keep us driving toward this recognition every year. Let’s look at the list!

  1. Creative Problem Solving – We listen to our clients’ needs and leverage technology to orchestrate an appropriate solution. We are not unimaginative.
  2. Integrity / Dependability – We do what we say, when we say we will do it, no excuses. We are not deceptive or undependable.
  3. Driven – Our team is always striving to improve. Minimal effort is not acceptable.
  4. Excellence / High Quality – We deliver our best the first time! Inferior is not an option.
  5. Collaborative – We leverage our combined strengths to yield the greatest results for our clients. We are not divisive.
  6. Customer-Centric – We are willing to assist our clients in all ways. We are not concerned with just our own interests.
  7. Fulfilled – We are fulfilled through our team, client relationships and successes!

Here is just one of many examples of how our core values tie into our client relationships:

Shea Homes in Northern CA came to us because they had a complex project with a particularly challenging location. It would take a minimum of a year to develop the first phase of the development, so how would they convince potential buyers to buy a home, site unseen? This question drove the sales and planning team to some very creative problem solving that would use drone video, animation, and special effects. The builder knew of our integrity and dependability from prior experience, which made our partnership an easy decision for the aforementioned project. Throughout the collaborative process, our Project Manager’s customer-centric approach delivered a toolkit that aided in the pre-sales of the community as envisioned. The project was later awarded by the building industry for its excellence, leaving all parties fulfilled by the amazing results.

We want to thank our team members once again for trusting us as their employer and investing their time, talent, and energy for the company and our clients every day. Their work is always noticed, appreciated, and it rises to the top across the industries we serve. Thank you!

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